DS ejectors

Working domains

Sucction pressure up to 85000 Pa
Sucction flow up to 0.02 kg/s
Supply pressure 3 to 7 barg
Kinetic efficiency 13-70 %

Sucction pressure[Pa] vs Sucction flow[kg/s]

The DS Coanda ejectors have 2 main dimensions and also 3 geometric dimensions and 2 other thermodynamic supply parameters (pressure and temperature) in order to control the flow and make the necessary adjustements or each flow conditions and each customers needs.
The Coanda ejector is more complex flow device than a simple rotor fan or blower therefore the flow characteristics is done by adjustments of geometric dimension, pressure and temperature. The input temperature is critical for the efficiency of the device therefore the efficiency is not shown on the digram because is depending on the input local customer conditions.
The diagram sucction pressure [relative Pa] vs sucction flow [kg/s] for different "p" supply pressures [barg] should be drawn wherever inside the following domain:


Dimensions & weight

Lenght up to 250 mm
Duct up to 50 mm
Weight up to 0.4 kg

AERODIN is reserving the right to update the data according with new theory estimation, design or technology.